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This collection contains the writings of Aleister Crowley, perhaps the greatest magician of the last century. Crowley was a prominent figure in the occult and esoteric groups, where he climbed to leadership positions. He also founded his own esoteric societies. He was the prophet of the religion he also formed, Thelema. Crowley wrote on many themes for nearly his whole life. With this collection, we aim to give the most complete Aleister Crowley bibliography possible. In 3 archives, you will discover over 500 books, essays, articles, lectures, poetry, letters, and other publications. Also we included the original audio recordings made by Aleister Crowley between 1910 and 1930. This is the part one of the collection.

High-quality scans in PDF format (1.25GB of materials).

Note: some titles can be duplicated in different editions/versions. Some editions presented in .doc and .txt format.


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