Artis Mortis Gallery and Library was established in the 2020 as the society of vintage ephemera, documents and books collectors, digital artists and art lovers. From the beginning we were focused on the dark, unusual, and not mainstream art trends. So if you are looking for interesting images, rare books and documents – you are at the right place!

Unlike other art and history archives, we offer not only to enjoy artworks on the monitor, but also give the opportunity to download any image in the highest resolution, print on the paper, and hang on the wall.

Within many years we collected cool and creepy illustrations, movie posters, music flyers, medieval engravings, antique lithographs, Victorian cabinet cards, daguerreotypes, postcards, broadsheets, magazine ads and other media. And now we bring this collection to a digital domain make it available for everybody. In our gallery you can find high quality digital versions of rare, hard to find vintage art and ephemera. Primarily we focused on special historical and subcultural images, which are almost impossible found in other places.

Occult and esoteric, crime and serial killers, horror films and avant-garde exhibitions, antique circus and freak show, UFO and conspiracy, fetish, gothic and medieval art, dark history documents, underground music, counterculture, and other weird themes presented in our digital gallery.

The archive is structured and easy for navigation, you can filter images by category, or tag, or search by name and keywords. We update our gallery regularly and our collection is constantly growing.

Every picture was passed through remastering and editing process, many of them were recreated from scratch. All files are unified for the same format and professionaly prepared for printing tasks.

You can download any printable image or photo and use it for creating stunning decor. Print our files at home via consumer printer or make it by professional printing services. All files are provided in high resolution and large size ready for 8×10 and 16×20 inches art prints.

Thanks for your visit and interest to our project, we appreciate your love of unique graphic art and visual history.