Artis Mortis (this play on Latin words can be translated as “art of death” and “death of art”) is an independent underground subcultural project combines visual blog, digital image archive and virtual art gallery with its own dark aesthetics. We present an extensive collection of selected images covered different aspects of the history, culture, also unusual psychological and social phenomena.

Within many years we collect and restore cool and creepy illustrations, movie posters, medieval engravings, antique litographs, Victorian cabinet cards, daguerreotypes, postcards, broadsheets, flyers, zines and other media. And now we bring this collection to a digital domain make it available for everybody.

Our collection covers a wide range of topics: occult and mystic, magic and witchcraft, erotic, death, science, tales and literature, crime, circus, music and films, ufo, conspiracy and others. Every image presented in our gallery is prepared for printing and it can be downloaded to be used for personal projects or education purposes.

Disclaimer: We don’t propagandize anything, we don’t glorify anybody, we are not and will never be affiliated with any political or religious groups.

Peace be upon you…

Artis Mortis