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Hardcore punk history: The Germs

Dark Culturology Blog is a sub-project and at the same time a textual representation of our main Artis Mortis Gallery project. The objects of research and the main trends in the field of dark cultural studies are set by the visual items of the gallery and partly by the content presented in our library on this site. Here we have collected a variety of texts written at different times within the framework of our projects and intellectual interventions. Historical, cultural, occult, psychological and philosophical articles and essays are united by an interest in all things strange, unusual and crazy. Magicians and hoaxers, aliens and conspiracy theories, famous criminals and serial killers, sexual deviations, freaks and avant-gardists, unrecognized geniuses and outsiders, horror and pulp fiction, monsters living among us and monsters living within us – all this and much more will be presented in our small panopticon. Culture beyond culture, history that is not talked about, irrational intuitions, rejected science, marginal art, side effects of human civilization, malfunctions of consciousness, pathologies and affects are woven into the documentary fabric of dark cultural studies. The perversions produced by the society of the Spectacle and rejected and displaced by it will be highlighted and scrupulously described. It is said that the main thing when going through hell is to move fast and not to stop. But we will perhaps pause to capture the paradoxical beauty of the end times. Thank you for supporting our projects. Enjoy reading!