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Area 51 is a secret military base of the United States Air Force located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. Edwards Air Force Base in southern California administers it. Several alien conspiracy theories have been made about the station, but the only fact that can be proven is that it is used for test flights.
This collection includes some thousands of declassified top-secret documents from the CIA, DIA Air Force, and Atomic Energy Commission, as well as some books and photo sets. This collection contains a wide range of reports, manuals, letters, memos, and photos. The files cover the U-2 program, Oxcart Project, Lockheed A-12, SR-71 Blackbird,Project Doughnut, Nevada Nuclear Test information, Groom Mine activity, as well as training, support, development, and study of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. Most of these papers had top secret status till the 1990s. In addition to the document files, you’ll get some books and articles exploring history, military activity, and the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51 (including the famous Bob Lazar version claimed that the government was examining recovered alien spacecraft).

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